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The making of...

As a British brand and a start up, we are proud of our heritage. Our sweets, marketing, and packaging are made & supplied by British manufactures and British start ups.  Supporting Fit Chews supports Britain. 

#MadeinBritain #SupportStartups

The journey...our story

A year ago we set out on a mission: to change the perception of sweets, we wanted to create a range of sweets that taste great and offer unique benefits. It was not an easy challenge but we were determined that by using natural ingredients we could make a range of sweets which would satisfy our cravings for sweet treats, and be fitting for the health conscious.


Here at Fit Chews we know as well as anyone that it is not always possible to resist those sweet treats!


 "I craved an alternative to unhealthy sweets which are packed with preservatives and refined sugar but I couldn’t find anything as authentic as the real thing, so I decided to create my own." 

Fit Chews Founder, Richard Raad

Our chew sweets... like nothing before...

On our journey to re define sweets we discovered the health benefits of pure, Canadian Maple syrup. Pure Maple syrup features high levels of zinc and manganese, which can help to keep the heart healthy and boost the immune system. It also contains around 54 antioxidants, the same compounds that are found in berries and flax seed. This was a revelation for us and we knew we had to include Maple syrup in our final recipe!  Bearing this in mind we decided to replace the usual suspects such as Glucose syrup, Corn syrup and Refined sugar with Pure Canadian Maple syrup. 


After even more research and a few late nights, Fit Chews was born. Harnessing the power of pure Canadian Maple syrup along with natural ingredients, colours and flavours and our passion for better and delicious confectionery we created a sweet that is:

·       Vegan

·       Sugar free

·       Made with 100% Pure Canadian Maple Syrup

·       Made with natural ingredients

·       Free from Glucose, Corn and Fructose syrup

·       Gluten free

·       All produced in the UK

We are bringing Fit Chews to you so everyone can share the benefits of our mouth-watering treats.



Changing a perception...

Sweetness, we all crave that tantalising taste, and whilst there is nothing wrong with having a sweet tooth, why should eating sweets fill us up with regret, guilt and refined sugar?


We didn’t like the taste or feeling of that either, and being health conscious does not mean you should not treat yourself. 


Luckily, Fit Chews provides a healthier alternative for the health conscious, which allows you to treat yourself more often, giving you great tasting sweets, more pleasure, unique benefits and no guilt.

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