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Nutrition, Allergen and additional info

Are you Free from?

Oh, you are going to be impressed.

We are Vegan, which also makes us dairy and lactose free.

Are you Gluten free?

Yes we are. 

Are you free from Refined sugar?

You guessed it, NO refined sugar what so ever. 

Is your Maple syrup the real thing?

Of course, Pure Maple Syrup straight from Canada.

Does Fit Chews contain Corn syrup?

Absolutely not, and no other type of syrup like fructose or glucose syrup either. 

Is this your only product range?

Luckily for you it is not.

Our goal is to revolutionise confectionery, with lots of fresh and cool ideas to come.

Is Fit Chews a supplement?

No. Fit Chews is to be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Will Fit Chews products help me loose weight?

Fit Chews are not a dietary supplement, however, refined sugar is one of the biggest causes of weight gain and obesity, and that’ is why we are free from refined sugar.

Additional info.

We just want you to be aware that although our current sweets are Vegan, they are made in a factory that handles milk. 

Serving Suggestions

How do I Keep my sweets fresh?

- Make sure you eat the sweets within the best before date as per the box you have.

-Try to keep the sweets from adverse weather (e.g. heat, direct sunlight & humidity)

-Store in a cool and dry place. (And preferably away from munchkins).

-It is possible to store the sweets in the fridge if you want to try something different. (YES! We often do this at Fit Chews) 

How long will my sweets last?

Who’s asking?

If there are no munchkins insight, and you can’t finish a pack in one sitting, just close the box and consume within the recommended best before date on the box.

What is the best before date? How long is the best before date?

We do our best to deliver the sweets with a minimum of 6months shelf life. But we would be surprised if you didn’t finish them way before then. 


What payment methods do Fit Chews accept?

We try to make life as easy as possible for you.

Fit Chews accepts Credit Card and Debit card payments via Paypal.

Is it safe to use my credit card on

Yes, ordering at is safe and secure. Transactions are processed through the security of the Paypal platform.

Delivery & Returns 

Can I change the delivery address?

At this moment in time, sadly not.

Do you ship outside the UK?

An adventure? Nice! We love adventures, and although we do not promote international shipping just yet, we won’t say no. So drop us an email with the subject “International Shipment” about what you want and where you are? We will get back to you ASAP and we will work out a way of getting you our delicious sweets.

My order has not arrived?

Oh no! Do not panic, contact the wonderful guys and girls at Royal Mail, they will be able to assist. Otherwise, drop us a mail at with your full address and order number. 

We will  do what we can to rescue your sweets.

Can I return my order?

Fit Chews is unable to offer returns, exchanges or refunds.

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