Sugar Narcos

July 3, 2018



Sugar Narcos


Sugar Narcos At Fit Chews, we love a series on Netflix, and Narcos has to be one of our faves. Mid way in to season three and some casual reading, we felt Narcos & sugar have a lot more in common than you might have guessed? - So, we wanted to share it with you.


Society has endorsed me in their hearts for longer than I can remember, I have created a multi-million-pound industry and Governments have let me off the hook for years. Yet I am accountable for two of societies increasing epidemics, Obesity and Diabetes. - I am of course, Sugar Narcos. See what we did there? Research from girls & boys, who are far more qualified than us at Fit Chews, state that sugar possesses the characteristics we use to identify other drugs in our society. The difference between sugar & those other drugs, is that we have been conditioned to believe that sugar is food & therefore not a drug. – How wrong we have been?


Research from Queensland University, disclosed that frequent sugar consumption increases human dopamine levels, similar to that of some class A drugs. Like those other drugs, sugar has a high social cost and consequently addiction is never too far behind. Sugar addiction occurs, because sugar erodes our dopamine levels, which means, more consumption is required to sustain a level of happiness, and avoid depression. Do not think that sugar only has this effect on humans. For example, Rats which have been raised on a sugar based diet have been conveyed to go to great lengths in order to obtain their next sugar hit, likewise a human would too. It is absurd that we have all this information and knowledge readily available to us, yet as a society we still do not take “sugar” seriously enough. Think about it- Do you ever go on the “no sugar pledge?” This pledge often occurs on a Sunday evening usually in your king or queen sized bed or onthe corner sofa, nursing a food coma, or regretting the binge weekend you have just put your body through? – Know the one? While in this guilty state of mind, you say to yourself, or to BAE or your bestie who has also been part of your sugar binge weekend “From now on, I am not eating sugar.” Said it before with grit and determination, high fiving your guilty companion? - That old chestnut. Fast forward to Monday morning, day 1 of the no sugar pledge, boys adjusting their ties and brushing their hair while girls put the final touches of mascara and spray their favourite fragrance. – Feeling fleeky? Walking into work with your game face on, reciting “no sugar” in your head, until 11am comes, and the office biscuit tin is wide open, foamy café lattes being served and you are resisting the temptation despite the generous offers and the teasing comments “its Monday, treat yourself,” “it is only one, you will burn it off.” All sound to familiar, can you relate? We are conditioned to think Sugar is fun, to be enjoyed, yet why do those who take the no sugar pledge, have to be faced with this constant battle of temptation? Do you offer a raving alcoholic a glass of vodka when they are on a no alcohol pledge trying to get back on to the straight and narrow? OF COURSE, NOT, and sugar is no different, and us as good members of society have to do more to recognise and accept that when someone is on the “no sugar pledge” is means NO, and others who are not must take it seriously.

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