The sugar effect

June 1, 2017



The sugar effect – Weight gain & Over eating


There is a high correlation between excess sugar intake and weight gain, the average lady consumes 75 grams of sugar a day, that is three times the recommended daily amount by the World Health Organisation (Sugar Science). –Well that’s my healthy eating day over before it started. 🙈 The consumption of too much sugar, increases the glucose levels in our bloodstream. This increase, causes the pancreas to release insulin. High levels of insulin essentially encourage and cause our body to store these calories as fat. – Gentleman take note, this is extremely important, if you want those abs to show? This is because the fat stored by your body will most likely end up around the gut area. 💪🏋 Insulin also affects a hormone called leptin, also known as our “hunger hormone.” The purpose of leptin, is to tell our brain we are full and should stop eating 🍽.Excessively high insulin levels trick our brain into not listening to the “stop eating” calls, which in turn, promotes weight gain and obesity. –Ladies, it seems our brains are just like our partners, never listening to our advice 😘. This leptin resistance is created by high insulin, which is a result of excess sugar consumption (75grams and more) which makes us feel sluggish and ultimately, craving the sofa, Netflix and cuddles with Bae. As a pose to sweating it out on the treadmill🏃.

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