September 10, 2018


Fit Chews at the allergy & free from show

On Monday 2nd of July I received a phone call from the founder of Sugar Wise, Rend Platings. Sugar Wise was set to attend the allergy & free from show at Kensington Olympia, as they do every year, on the 6th, 7th & 8th of July. 

Sugar Wise is a sugar free international  certification authority, who test and certify sugar free products, based on their individual "sugar free" claims. 

How did Fit Chews meet Sugar Wise?

During January 2017 I came across Sugar Wise whilst carrying out research about sugar, the affects & the alternatives available, used by other sugar free products. After reading about their mission and their stance on sugar, I reached out to them.

Sugar Wise had reviewed the ingredients and were very excited about Fit Chews, as it was the first confectionary of it's kind that they had come across (and they see and certify a lot of sugar free products) and invited Fit Chews to attend the Sugar Wise, “Sugar Summit,” at the houses of parliament in London later that year


Launch weekend

The free from & allergy show was the perfect opportunity to launch Fit Chews to the world along side Sugar Wise. I wasted no time and began to pack boxes and called my two best friends and my beautiful girlfriend at the time, and told them all, that this weekend they would be launching Fit Chews. 

These three individuals have all inspired & encouraged me to not only set out on this journey, but to keep going on this adventure.

A proud Milestone

The event and the feedback was phenomenal.

My three musketeers put on a show and we felt part of the free from & allergy community, from the consumers to the exhibitors, we were fortunate to meet some astonishing people, incredible startup products & services (which Fit Chews will be working with), and listened to some fascinating stories.

Fit Chews was a hit, we had consumers and exhibitors of all ages and sizes, with their own reasons for being free from, chasing us, “Hey, you are the guys with those delicious sweets, have you got any more?” - This became a regular occurrence over the two days! 

It was an amazing experience and showed that Fit Chews is a product that can be enjoyed by all walks of life, and that, is very touching. 

Sweets are not only for kids, and sweets do not need to be filled with sugar and nasties, and Fit Chews proved that.  

Last few words & thank you's 

The launch of Fit Chews was truly a remarkable fourty eight hours and a milestone I am extremely proud of and will never forget. It has made me believe that Fit Chews is a product people, health conscious or not, can enjoy, and I hope any of you that are reading this will join Fit Chews on what is to be a health conscious ride, fueled on fun, laughs & friendship. 

I want to thank the whole Sugar Wise team for giving Fit Chews this platform, thank you for the consumers who attended & tasted Fit Chews, and thank you to my three biggest supports in launching this product.  



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